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Various forms of help can be offered around problems with alcohol, other drugs and gambling and we are happy to lend advice and support.

Cervical Smears

Generally, these should be done every three (ages 25–49) or five (ages 50–64) years. A reminder will be sent when your test is due. An appointment can then be made. Your test result will usually be posted to you within 10 weeks. It is quite common for a minor abnormality to require a repeat smear; it is important to attend but we fully understand you will wish to arrange a conversation to discuss this.

The smear test is intended to look for very early signs of cancer of the cervix (the entrance to the uterus or womb), a condition that usually takes many years to develop and is quite easy to treat if found early. For this reason we would encourage all our eligible patients to take up the offer of this free checkup.

Child Health Surveillance

Held weekly by the health visitors on Monday afternoons from 1.00pm until 3.00pm, please call 01709 423333 to book an appointment.  Please do not bring ill children to the clinic as they may pass on infection to others.

Childhood Immunisations

There are now very few reasons why your child should not be immunised, so please make sure your children receive all their injections.

The routine set of immunisations is altered every year or so, but currently involves injections at 2,3,4 months of age, then at 12–15 months and before entry to school. Further boosters are given before leaving school.

You will receive a letter from the Primary Care Trust on each occasion that a course is needed but feel free to check with our nurses, the Health Visitors or School Nurse.

Contraceptive Services and Family Planning

All the doctors are fully trained in this field and can offer advice on all aspects of contraception including cap and coil fitting, morning after pills etc. We choose not to restrict this service to a particular clinic, preferring to offer you consultations during normal surgery hours which ensures confidentiality. Some of the doctors are able to fit long–term contraceptives such as IUD ('coils'). For implanons you will need to ring  Integrated Sexual Health on  01709 427777. Sister Sue Kelly also has a special interest in this field which includes "natural" family planning.


Whilst some degree of upset and unhappiness is a natural part of life there are occasions when some specialist input can be of value, and we have a variety of counselling staff attached to the practice.  You can self refer to the IAPT service 01709 447755 or speak to one of our receptionist who can refer you to our mental health worker. 

Diabetic Care

Dr Thorman with Sister Lyca Downing, Verity Ryczek, Jayne Fields and Karen Weldon run the practice diabetic programme. This aims to provide full diabetic care for uncomplicated diabetics on diet and/or tablets, together with shared care for diabetics with complications or those requiring insulin. Full diabetic care means good day–to–day control of blood glucose and annual screening for complications. If you are diabetic or think you might be, and are not yet in the practice programme, please contact the surgery. 

Dental Care

Sadly it can be difficult to find a dentist providing NHS dental care, due to changes made to the NHS dental contract. We do not have the expertise or equipment to deal with dental problems at the Practice, and if you cannot get a dental appointment you should ring the emergency telephone number (0845 1550845). We are of course happy to give advice if you are having difficulty.

NHS Dental care is free for children up to their eighteenth birthday, students in full–time education up to their nineteenth birthday, expectant and new mothers and those receiving income support or family credit or their adult dependants.

District Nurses

The district nurses provide qualified nursing services in your own home, including care to the acute and chronically sick and the terminally ill. The nurses offer a range of clinical treatments, holistic assessments, medical, surgical and palliative care. They also offer health promotion, advice and support within the home and clinic appointments. The District Nurses can be contacted on 01709 426600.

Ear Care

Our practice nurses have undertaken special additional training in aural care and are able to treat most conditions affecting the external ear. Rotherham's Ear Care Service – a training and teaching organisation – also provides a weekly ear care clinic with specialised nurses. They also take referrals from our  clinical team including adult hearing tests and can refer on to the Hospital specialist team. You can contact this service on 01709 304987.

Health and Wellbeing Coach

If you need advise about your weight or blood pressure you can see our Health and Wellbeing Coach. Please ask reception for details or to book an appointment.

Health Visitors

The health visitors offer advice and support to persons of all ages on a wide range of health issues at home or in the clinic setting. They have a particular role concerned with families with pre–school children. This includes input from the antenatal period onwards in relation to parents and babies, health, child development, advice on infant feeding, immunisation, behaviour issues and family planning. The team can be contacted on 01709 423333.

Influenza Immunisation

We offer free 'flu vaccinations, commencing in October, to all our patients over 65 years. Younger patients, particularly those on our registers of heart or chest complaints, and all diabetics, will also be offered the vaccine. The exact list of those invited depends upon Department of Health guidance and can vary from year to year. We try to get the bulk of these injections done on one or two Saturdays in Autumn and are grateful for the efforts and forbearance of those who attend.

Medical examinations

Some of our doctors will  do special examinations such as HGV licensing in their own time – see Private Services. A simple 'check–up' or health MOT to look at your general health is best arranged with an initial nurse appointment if you are otherwise well.


Community midwives are here to help, advise and support you throughout your pregnancy, and likewise for you and your family in the early weeks after delivery.

Your midwife would like to meet you between the eighth and tenth week of pregnancy (there is no need to see a GP first) and will contact you to make an appointment if you leave your contact details with reception.

If you are planning a pregnancy remember to take folic acid supplements, continuing them until at least 12 weeks advanced. They can be bought from the pharmacist without a prescription. They have been proven to reduce the incidence of neural tube defects (spina bifida and hydrocephalus). The doctors and midwives are happy to discuss other aspects of preconception are during a routine surgery appointment. The health visitors are also in attendance at the antenatal clinic to help you prepare for your baby.

Minor Surgery

Dr Grafton performs some  minor surgery on behalf of the practice We only have the facilities for the removal of skin lesions, bumps under the skin, and some joint injections. If you think your problem might require a small operation it is probably best to see one of these doctors in the first instance.

Skin Clinic

Dr Grafton also runs a weekly skin clinic with Isobel Melia our physician associate for acne, moles and skin lesions . Please speak to reception for more details.

Ophthalmic (Eye) Care

This can be provided by an Optometrist or an Ophthalmic Medical Practitioner. A free eye examination is available for children under 16 years, full time students up to 19 years, those on income support or family credit, those registered blind or partially sighted, patients with diabetes or glaucoma, or aged 40 or over and closely related to someone with glaucoma.

Some of those eligible are also entitled to vouchers which can be used towards the cost of spectacles if these are required.

First Contact Physiotherapy

The practice has two First Contact Physiotherapists and you can see them for back, spinal, neck , shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee or ankle pain and for Sprains, strains and twisting injury. You can book an appointment through reception.


We also have NHS physiotherapy available at the Kiveton Park Primary Care Centre. The community physiotherapists can visit patients at home who are too ill to attend the surgery. Certain cases may be referred directly to the physiotherapy department at hospital. Appointments are made following consultations with the doctors.


The podiatrist can deal with anything from corns, calluses and nail problems, to minor surgical procedures. Self treatment, using corn pads or solvents, is best avoided as it can cause serious problems in the elderly, diabetics and those with poor circulation.

Podiatry is available from both private practice and the Health Service. Private patients may see the chiropodist of their choice either at his/her surgery, or at home. Health Service treatment is available at both surgeries and at home but is usually restricted to senior citizens, the disabled, expectant mothers, diabetics and children after a variable waiting period and only after referral by a doctor. Our local service) is moving away from simple routine nail care/cutting but has great expertise in some complex areas of foot mechanics and minor foot surgery. Only State Registered Chiropodists may work within the Health Service.

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy testing is widely available from chemists and kits may be purchased from chemists and larger supermarkets. We do not routinely offer this service as home testing is just as reliable, considerably quicker and more convenient. If you think you might be pregnant and have concerns please feel free to arrange to see a doctor to discuss things. If you simply need to book for routine pregnancy care you can arrange this directly with the relevant midwife without a doctor appointment.

School Nurse

The school nurses can be contacted on 01709 423333. 
They work with parents, teachers, family doctors, health visitors, nursery nurses and all schoolchildren attending mainstream schools. The school health screening programme is offered at the start of full–time education and will continue until leaving school. Louise is able to visit a child in school for a variety of reasons and is also able to visit children and/or parents at home to discuss a variety of issues on request. She will also arrange hearing checks for school–age children.

Social Prescribing - over 18 years of age

Patients can be referred by a clinician or self refer to our social prescriber.  The social prescriber can support  around one or more of the following:  lifestyle, looking after yourself, managing symptoms, work, money, family, friends, feeling positive

Smoking Cessation

If you are a smoker, stopping smoking is the best thing you can do for your health. Giving up will reduce your chances of an early death – one sixth of all deaths between 35 and 64 years are caused by tobacco! Any of our doctors or nurses will be happy to discuss the various ways in which we can help if you are thinking of quitting – patches and other aids are available on prescription. 

Tetanus Immunisation

A tetanus booster is recommended a couple of times after leaving school at 10–year intervals; if in doubt ask one of our nurses. Certain wounds might need some additional cover, again, just ask.

Youth Clinic

This is drop in clinic for 11- 22 year olds from Kiveton, Dinnington, Swallownest and Thurcroft Surgeries. The clinic is held in Waleswood Lodge, next to the main surgery on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3.30pm to 5pm term time.


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